by Nico Janssen in the Netherlands

Good photos show how you look.

We dress up to celebrate important occasions, whether that means a cummerbund or a kilt, a gown or riding boots. Celebrating life’s events is serious business after all, so we treat the occasion with the dignity it deserves.

Great photos show how you feel.

These are the photos I’m proudest of, that hang on people’s walls. Forget the plans, forget the poses and just be yourself.

Wild-hearted and silly, unplanned, unposed and unbridled;
just wrapped in the joy of
being together.

My name’s Nico Janssen. I’m a photographer based in Almere, the Netherlands.

I’ve photographed weddings, parties and events all over the world and I’d love to photograph yours too.


Here’s some very kind words from some very cool people.
I’m so thankful that they trusted me to photograph their special days!

“Nico is one of those rare individuals that can make friends with anyone, feel perfectly professional and yet like family, and somehow be sneakily and unobtrusively taking brilliant pictures the entire time.

Nico excels at capturing spontaneous moments, so you don’t just see the wedding in the photos, you really feel it, too. My entire family adopted and adored him, and I couldn’t recommend him more.”


“What makes Nico stand apart from other photographers is his unique ability to capture natural, candid moments.

He seamlessly goes from being part of the action and organizing beautifully staged shots to secretly snapping little gems that you might have missed through all the hustle and bustle if it weren’t for his keen eye and quick reflexes. He caught genuine moments of joy in our guests who aren’t known for smiling, which we will treasure as ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ memories.

Looking through our album, we’re able to relive our special day through the eyes of our guests experiencing their own personal moments of happiness because Nico was able to document them.”


“If Nico were to put together an exhibition of his wedding photos, I would actually *pay* to go see them.

They are so much fun to see and share, capturing  the glow and excitement of the event.
Being in Nico’s photos is a great joy and an honor. I wish you get to experience it!”


If you have a special day coming up, please drop me a line. I’ve given indications for my usual rates in the Pricing page, but I also know that every wedding and party is different!